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BodyBrite ® is a franchise specialized in personal care and that handles different treatments, such as photoepilation, photorejuvenation, oxygen therapy, eye contour, teeth whitening and sleep treatment.


BW Body Wrap is a 100% natural and risk-free Body Aesthetics Center, dedicated to weight reduction, reduction of measurements and body shaping for both sexes.

Cambridge Weight Plan. Nutritionally balanced food system, one of the most  studied in the world, with more than 60 clinical studies that support it and made up of five personalized steps for each need, which combines conventional food together with nutritional supplements


Razo Clinics  ®, dedicated to the care of the well-being of the skin. 20 years of experience we  endorse. It is a highly profitable business model, which includes exclusive treatments and products, which make them unique in the market.  They are specialists in the treatment of acne, medical aesthetic medicine. They have earned the trust of their clients with the quality of their work.


Feethaüs is a company that provides the Professional Pedicure service with the highest quality standards.

FINDÉ is a franchise specialized in skin care treatments such as: laser hair removal, body shaping, liposculpture, facial rejuvenation, stain removal, among others.


My Clinic is a dental clinic specialized in orthodontics, dental aesthetics and general dentistry, which has a specialized professional team where the client can perform teeth cleaning and whitening, extractions, crowns, implants, among other treatments.


Similar Optics Optin is a business that is managed under a concept of optometry services, sale of lenses and accessories at an accessible price, with the same and even better quality than that offered in renowned opticians.

Sanondaf is a franchise of European origin  but worldwide, established as specialists in the Decontamination and Disinfection Market through innovative touch-less technologies.


SERMEDEM Dental®  is an excellent business model that takes the  medical services to companies  and that in turn improve their quality of life in employees.


Everything for your feet  is a national leader in the provision of TPSP Professional pedicure services for the whole family, as well as the sale of products for the care and well-being of the feet and hands.

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Franquicias lavanderias y tintorerias

ProHygiene  is a company dedicated to offering comprehensive hygiene solutions.  Offers professional hygiene systems in more than 14 countries throughout the Americas

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